Woolrich & Pendleton Vintage Apparel Collection

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Explore our vintage Woolrich & Pendleton coat collection, showcasing these iconic American brands that produce top-quality apparel steeped in heritage.

Vintage Woolrich Coats

A collection of timeless vintage Woolrich wool coats. These hand selected pieces, embody the brand's commitment to the finest textiles and style, making each jacket a classic, versatile addition to your closet. Many of these pieces are the all-time favorite shirt jackets or “shackets” that have transformed over the years from solely a cowboy favorite barn coat to becoming a go-to for city-dwellers as well.

Vintage Pendleton Coats

A curated collection of Pendleton vintage apparel. Known for their iconic designs and top-quality craftsmanship, Pendleton pieces are a great example of American heritage and spectacular colorful Aztec design.

Top-Quality Apparel

Woolrich and Pendleton are synonymous with top-quality apparel, reflecting exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that define these iconic American brands. Our collection at Botablu showcases the finest vintage coats from Woolrich & Pendleton, seamlessly weaving timeless pieces of American fashion history into your wardrobe.