Frye Boots

Discover iconic Frye vintage boots, spanning from the 1970s and beyond. Explore our exceptional collection, featuring vintage Frye campus boots and a variety of cowboy, cowgirl, western-style, and lace up vintage Frye boots.

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Vintage Frye Boots

Botablu has been a trailblazer in the vintage boot market - particularly when it comes to vintage Frye boots. Our hand-curated collection of Frye boots, focuses on Frye boots from the 1970s and beyond. Each pair captures the enduring style and craftsmanship that has defined The Frye Company, since their very first boot in 1888.

Frye Campus Boots

Our handpicked Frye campus boots is an unmatched collection of rare black label vintage campus boots from the '60s and ‘70s to more modern Frye campus 14L models. Immerse yourself in the history and nostalgia with classic tall vintage Frye campus boots or, if you prefer, some of the campus ankle booties.

Frye Cowboy Boots

Explore our unique collection of vintage Frye boots, showcasing rare cowboy boot styles from the '70s and beyond. Immerse yourself in the rugged charm and authenticity of iconic western designs, meticulously curated for devoted Frye enthusiasts.

Frye Moto Boots

Rev up your style with Botablu's collection of Frye Moto Boots. Our selection, some vintage models dating back to the ‘80s, captures the raw allure and masterful moto chic design that define The Frye Company. Explore these enduring styles for an unrivaled motorcycle boot experience.

Frye Harness Boots 

Unleash the iconic essence of Frye's motorcycle boot legacy with Botablu's Frye Harness Boots Collection. Our collection, dating from approximately the '80s and beyond, represents the pinnacle of Frye's biker boot styles, available in the extra tall 15R, mid-calf 12R, and short 8R harness ankle boot models.

Frye Lace-Up Boots

From ankle to knee-high, our diverse range of Frye lace up boots, captures Frye's benchcrafted excellence. Explore iconic styles from the '60s to the '80s for enduring style and craftsmanship you can trust.

Frye Biker Boots 

Gear up your style with Botablu's Frye Biker Boots. Our handpicked selection embodies the untamed allure and supreme biker-inspired craftsmanship that defines Frye motorcycle boots. Unleash your rebel spirit with these iconic styles.

Iconic Frye Styles

Explore an array of iconic styles, from the timeless tall vintage Frye campus boots to the rugged vintage Frye cowboy boots or harness boots. Discover ankle or knee-high vintage Frye lace-up boots within Botablu's extensive collection, showcasing some of the finest benchcrafted boots from Frye's legacy.

What separates Botablu's Frye Boot Collection?

  • Botablu is recognized for its extensive expertise and trustworthiness in vintage Frye boots.
  • We have historically offered the largest and most exceptional collection of rare Frye vintage boots - including many black label models in near-new condition
  • Iconic styles, from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and beyond
  • Diversity in styles, including campus, cowboy, western, lace-up, and harness motorcycle boots
  • Craftsmanship and quality synonymous with The Frye Company