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Botablu presents an exclusive selection of Old Gringo boots, encompassing both new and rare preloved models for women and men.

Old Gringo Boots

Old Gringo, founded in 2000, revolutionized the fusion of Western boots with mainstream fashion by handcrafting exceptional boots combining style and comfort. Handmade in Mexico, these boots are crafted from top-quality leathers, adorned with vibrant embroideries, fringe, studs, and other exquisite embellishments. Each pair boasts these distinctive details and premium materials, ensuring eye-catching appeal in boots you will own for a lifetime.

What Distinguishes Botablu's Old Gringo Cowboy Boots?

Our hand-curated collection includes new releases alongside coveted preloved original models, epitomizing Old Gringo’s unique style and craftsmanship. Botablu stands as the pioneer specializing in preloved Old Gringo boots for women and men on the marketplaces, reflecting our deep passion and knowledge for the brand.

From contemporary twists on Western classics to vintage-inspired designs, and styles featuring a biker-western fusion vibe, our Old Gringo collection celebrates the brand's diversity. Whether you seek the latest releases or timeless vintage-inspired classics - which come at more affordable prices - our collection caters to your preferences.

Quality triumphs over quantity in our small business, enabling us to provide personalized attention and customer service tailored to your needs.